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Tetiana Brahina • March 30, 2023

Sky Haven pre-registration is now open in Canada!

March 30, 2023 - Hololabs is excited to announce that pre-registration for Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure is now available on Google Play in Canada. Players have the opportunity to sign up for an automatic install as soon as the game is available on Earth Day this year, April 22nd, 2023.

Pre-register now

Now all our friends, families and fans who supported and inspired us along the way will get a chance to know more about our unique game that combines best Pokémon GO and puzzle mechanics, along with rich mysterious narrative and immersive AR. We are inventing a new mobile gaming genre and eager to demonstrate it this spring!

Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure is an alternate reality adventure game about the discovery of hidden sky creatures, featuring location-based gameplay, merge puzzles, and AR. Using a mobile phone (Android, iOS), players become new recruits of an Agency whose mission is to research and protect these newly discovered creatures living in our skies. Map navigation akin to Pokémon GO is used to find new creatures and establish feeding, harvesting, and research stations.

Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure has a strong environmental message. Sky Creatures are suffering due to global warming effects on Earth, and the HAVEN agency, who alone has the technology to see and track these creatures, is gathering forces to combat climate change. Players can take part in reforestation virtually and in real life by planting trees with Sky Haven and Ecologi. By purchasing special bundles that contain in-game items and trees. Our goal is to plant 1 million trees to help restore global forests.

Hololabs is a game development studio based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Founded in 2011 by researchers in intelligent systems and veterans from AAA gaming, Hololabs fuses creative interaction design with advanced engineering to create innovative and engaging mixed reality experiences. With a portfolio ranging from theme park rides to mobile games and virtual reality, the company thrives on technically challenging and ambitious experiences, and has won several awards for their success.

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